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ROK Underground is a private dinner party experience hosted occasionally by locals at an Icelandic home. ROK underground introduces it's guest to fresh Icelandic ingredients and culinary combined with local stories in a private setting of 16 guests in Reykjavik.

ROK underground is not a restaurant it is a private dinner held at a local home where you get a chance to enjoy an evening with new friends that share your love for fresh, local food.


Throughout the evening you will get a multi - course meal with wine, beer, and  cocktails. The ingredients are sourced around Iceland and we try to offer something unique and always fresh from a local farmer.  The food is all prepared by the highly experienced Icelandic chef Keli, that has over 20 years of experience in working as a chef around the world.


The service starts at 19 and you should expect to be there for at least 2,5 hours.


To experience ROK home you will need to request an invitation by filling out the form below or by sending us email at and we will get back to you and tell you if the guest list of 16 people is full or not.

The seating is very limited and therefore we ask you to give us two days notice if you need to cancel your reservation.


We suggest a donation of $200 dollar for the service, food, wine and some enlightening and inspiring stories from a local.


ROK underground is all about getting the feeling you are at home in a private dinner, sharing your thoughts, stories and hopefully and love for food.  By the end of night you will have some new lifelong friends that share your passion.

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